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This series about Philippine "Sabong" is just fantastic!..Congratulations Sidney, your photojournalistic work should win you a Pulitzer..I would like to see your wonderful blog turned into a cofetable book. I'd be the first one to buy, my friend...:)


ah, the money...


it's amazing how these people have so sharp memories as to remember the bets and from whom!

charles ravndal

Well time for shopping!


Reminds me of the famous lines ... " Follow the money".


the money make his game so exciting...maybe just a little to have fun:-) did u bet for the fight also? u win or loose? btw nice candid shot:-)


quite a (bloody) story!
thanks for bringing it,
i noticed there are only men in the audience...


That last one looks like a secret Masonic handshake...:)


gambling, a past time and a game of chances for some...


Ahhh, one chicken lies dead, one probably hurt, and the onlookers count their filthy lucre. Life!


Compter l'argent ...
Voila un geste qui résume bien la société !
Souffrance des animaux qui se sont battus argent pour les autres !
Je souffre de la même façon quand je vois les corridas en Espagne !


that's loads of money. no wonder people are hooked to this kind of gamble. no wonder my father and my brother are hooked.


a lot of people win and lose in this game


Very real stuff. Nobody seems to mind being photographed.


Can I have the money, I just will not partake in such a barbaric sport in order to make the money :)



Show me the money....
Very interesting documentary here. A real eye opener.


Ha, of course, the dirty stuff.
Blood money.

Rock Kauser

Wow, what a powerful series Sidney! To my vegetarian eyes it is quite barbaric, but I guess that I shouldn't be overly judgmental of a culture that I have little knowledge of.

I hope that all is well with you and yours my friend :)


i guess one of the greatest sources of difficulty for most people is making money and earning a living. but what if this difficulty did not exist? what if everyone had more money than they could ever possibly use? it would be disastrous. because if everyone had an unlimited supply of money, the money would be worthless

cool :) money. i like the way he count :)


Hmn. Dirty money. They need to launder it, literally wash it. Too many hands touching money.

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